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Collegiate Association for the Practice of Filial Piety

  • Club Code:T242
  • Club in Chinese : 勤心社


Young people represent the future of our world. Their aspirations and achievements define the future. We have seen that there are many young people in NTU, however, spending their lives pursuing mostly personal accomplishments. It is our belief that young people should not only thrive intellectually and financially but, most importantly, in heart. Namely, they need to have the desire to give love. It is our mission to create an environment in which the students of NTU have to learn how to serve others. In the process of serving, they will develop the ability of giving love to others, and also have a clearer understanding of themselves. It is our ambition to inspire a generation of young people to embrace the value of mutual prosperity. We hope that every one of them can become a peace-loving global citizen. We are NTU CAPFP, the light to the young, and the salt of their souls.


  • I Chou
  • TEL : 0988195399
  • Email : r06942009@ntu.edu.tw
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