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NTU Model United Nations Club

  • Club Code:0777
  • Club in Chinese : 模擬聯合國社


Model United Nations (MUN), is an activity that originated in 1920s Harvard University. At first it was known as Model “League of Nations”, but was later transformed into Model United Nations. Participants in this activity play the role of diplomats, they express the positions of the country they represent through public speaking, convince other countries through debate, and practice democratic voting through the rules of procedure exercised throughout the conference. At the end of the conference, a draft resolution that is legal binding is written amongst these participants. This activity encourages young participants to be aware of current events, and to dedicate what they have learnt in to becoming our generation’s next leaders and diplomats. Throughout the years, as a university education has become popularized, there has been an increasing amount of students participating in MUN activities. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Foo Chien was first to hold a Model United Nations conference in Taiwan at 1956, the Model United Nations Society at National United nation was established in 1999 and was the first Model United Nations Society in Taiwan. At the moment, there are an official estimate of 500,000 people participating in MUN activities each year, and an unofficial estimate of 2,000,000 people participating.


  • Robert Kao
  • TEL : 0918950726
  • Email : b06305032@ntu.edu.tw
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