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middle way wisdom Buddhist club

  • Club Code:0829
  • Club in Chinese : 中智社


middle way wisdom Buddhist clubfocusses on upholding the Buddhist spirit of compassion, pure-heartedness and equanimity to help all beings. With meditation classes designed by our lecturing nun and professor, with the input of all our club members, through real-life issues and practical exercises we learn to form ethical ideals and practice buddhism in our daily lives. We aim to cultivate wisdom, encourage spiritual growth and walk a path of non-dualism. We are a warm and lively group that enjoy learning through exciting activities such as: club trips and lunches, performances, life lectures, Buddhist ceremonies, vegetarian week, cooking DIYs and much more. We hope that through our learning we can light the candle of our own true nature and in turn, create a positive light in this world.


  • 呂亭萱
  • TEL : 0910610228
  • Email : b04a01121@ntu.edu.tw
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