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Chens' Taichi & Pushhand Club

  • Club Code:962
  • Club in Chinese : 陳氏太極拳社


Taichi may be one of the most misunderstood martial arts, since it is less fierce in the appearance and works in a moderate tempo. However, if you really get the chance to taste the nuance within this practice, you definitely will be fascinated by its deep understanding of the coordination of the body and mind. In our club, master Guan, who has practiced the Chen's style Taichi for more than thirty years, will step-by-step guide the new-comers into the basic forms and movements; combined with the inspiration from the physic laws, you will gain a new perspective of this traditional martial art. No more mystery, but meaningful connections; no more will to fight, but more control of force.


  • Hsin-Wei Lin
  • TEL : 0912087373
  • Email : zenninc@gmail.com
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