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  • Club Code:T040
  • Club in Chinese : 奉元社


The society's objective is to commemorate and inherit the educational philosophy of Teacher 愛新覺羅毓鋆's Feng Yuan Institute. Teacher Yu had taught in Taiwan for more than sixty years. He insisted on sharing his wisdoms even after he was over 100 years old. The philosophy of Feng Yuan Institute is based on the philosophy of "The Book of Change", which is about pursuing self-development to attain the goal of ultimate goodness. The institute aims at borrowing the wisdom of Chinese philosophy to inspire modern people in our daily practices. If you are interested in traditional Chinese culture, you are welcomed to join us to explore the gems hidden in traditional Chinese texts.


  • 曾遠鵬
  • TEL : 0937097364
  • Email : d06244001@ntu.edu.tw
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