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Pro Bono Econos NTU

  • Club Code:T195
  • Club in Chinese : Pro Bono Econos數量經濟顧問社


Pro Bono Econos is at the forefront of an emerging and fruitful exchange between mainstream economics and the charitable sector. Our name has two meaningful parts: ‘Econos’ is an abbreviated version of ‘Economists’, and ‘Pro Bono’ is shorthand for ‘Pro Bono Publico’, which in Latin reads “for the public good.” Quite simply, we are economists volunteering for the public good. Mission: Our mission is to equip charitable organizations and members of the community with the powerful economic insights and financial knowledge they need to thrive. Volunteer economists are the key to achieving this mission and therefore the central element of our approach. Vision: A world with a socially-engaged economics profession, a financially knowledgeable population, and a sustainable and accountable charitable sector.


  • 袁紘禮 Tony
  • TEL : 0910065110
  • Email : b04303042@ntu.edu.tw
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