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NTU Gum Baseball, Umpire & Scorer Club

  • Club Code:T210
  • Club in Chinese : 軟式棒球暨裁判紀錄服務社


Our aims are to promote gum/rubber baseball and train baseball game staffs like umpires and scorers. In NTU, playing baseball is really popular. However, it's hard for those who have never played before. On the other side, gum/rubber ball is the one whoever could play from young to old. For example, there is a great and complete gum/rubber baseball system in Japan, which enable everyone to involve in the sport. Our club hope to promote gum/rubber baseball to fill the gap between beginner and baseball player. The other thing is that we have many baseball games in NTU. However, those game staffs varies. Most of them are not good enough to help the ball in play, which would hinder the development of baseball. Our club would also hope to train these game staffs to make great improvement of our baseball.


  • Du, Tai-Yi
  • TEL : 0912189121
  • Email : r05227118@ntu.edu.tw
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