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Honor, Accountability, Passion, Pleasure, Youth


Promoting public participation in a civil society; Creating a relaxed, artistic and friendly campus environment; Cultivating a diligent working attitude among students; Broadening students' horizons, promoting an international culture on campus; Developing environmental protection programs, and establishing a green campus.


Student Clubs, Societies and Extra-Curriculum Activities

There are approximately 400 clubs and societies at NTU. According to their nature and activities, they are categorized into 8 different categories: autonomous, academic, entertainment, service, arts, social, mixed, and physical fitness.

Freshmen Orientation

The orientation includes campus tour, seminars on establishing relations, career planning and a freshmen concert, allowing freshmen to easily adapt to their college life, and they can begin creating their best experiences at NTU.

Service-Learning Courses

The courses are in collaboration with the campus institutes and thereby help the students fulfill the university's motto of "Integrity, Diligence, Patriotism and Philanthropy."

Community Outreach Programs

There are multiple community outreach programs, giving students an opportunity to engage in these programs to help develop a sense of teamwork, responsibility, caring and passion.

Global Perspective

To broaden the international understanding of the students, a wide variety of academic and recreational international related activities as well as cultural exchanges are held throughout the year.

Promoting Excellence

In collaboration with Departments and academic institutes, students who excel academically or in activities are awarded accordingly.

Green Campus

We implement a series of green campus initiatives, including, but not limited to energy saving, carbon inventory, green rooftops, and used book exchanges.

National Taiwan University Student Activities Division

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