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Regulations governing the Student Government and Student Group Organization

Updated in 2012/7/20

NTU Student Government and Student Group Organization

Passed by the 12th meeting of the Student Counseling Committee on May 25, 2001  
Announced on June 19, 2001 
Article 1
The set of regulations is stipulated to counsel NTU student governments and student groups in sound development and proper operations.  
Article 2 
The procedures for establishment of the student governments and student groups (hereunder referred to as the Groups for short) are as follows: 
The foundation of the Groups shall be initiated by a student, with joint signatures of 30 students at minimum. A student government shall be founded on the basis of the students of a college, department or graduate institute, with the student of that college, department or graduate institute as the initiator and joint signatures fromt 30 persons at minimum. 
After the draft of the Guidelines of the Group is completed, an assembly meeting shall be convened, in which the Guidelines of the Group shall be passed. 
The Guidelines of the Group will become effective after being approved by the Student Government and Group Counseling Committee (hereunder referred to as the Committee for short) and registered at Activity Division. After it is registered and promulgated, the group can start to conduct activities.   
For the change of the Guidelines of the Group, the abovementioned regulations can apply. 
If the procedures of the establishment of the group do not correspond to the above regulations, or the Guidelines of the group violate national decrees or regulations of the University, the Committee shall not certify or permit its foundation. 
If the initiator or other stakeholders should have any dissents to the decisions made by the Committee according to the above regulations, s/he may deliver a paper of reason to apply for re-evaluation, and the Committee shall inform the applicant to come to the Committee to express his/her opinions, and shall publish the results of re-evaluation within a month. The evaluation results have retroactive effects and no further protests can be made.  
Article 3 
If the establishment and dissolution of the Groups corresponds to the Article regarding dissolution of the Regulations governing the Reward and Punishment for NTU Student Groups, or correspond to the Regulations governing NTU Student Group Evaluation, in which Article 9 stating that any group that receives B-class for consecutive 2 years is suggested to dissolve, the Office of Student Affairs shall deliver the case of the group to the Committee for review.    
If a group intends to dissolve from its Guidelines, the Head of the group shall cancel the registration before the Committee. 
The Committee shall subsequently publish the results of the review within a month. 
Article 4
The application for the establishment of a group shall be completed within a month after the first day of the semester. Overdue application is not accepted. 
The reelection of any group shall make registration to Activity Division within a month. 
Article 5 
The Guidelines of a group shall include the following items: 
Name (of the group)
Purport (of the group)
Address (of the group) 
Organization & duties and obligations 
The election of the Head and deputy of a group, tenure, and the appointment and recall of the members. The term of office of the Head and deputy of a group can be classified into one-year and 6 months tenure, and it is up to the group to decide which tenure to adopt.
The convention of the group assembly and resolutions
The collection and allotment of the fund
The position of the supervisor. The selection (or election) of the supervisor(s) and the duties and obligations of a supervisor. 
The revision to the Guidelines
The date of the stipulation of the Guidelines 
The dissolution of a group and the disposal of the property of the group.
Other items
Article 6 
The following items are indispensable to the registration of a group: 
The Guidelines of the group 
The roll of the cadre and members 
The property of the group
The main items of activities 
The foundation and the date of certification 
Other major items 
Should any change be made to the registration of a group, the procedures of the change shall be completed within a month. The change of registration upon the re-election of a group shall be identical to Item 1. 
Article 7  
The seal for each and every group shall be made and distributed to a group by the Activity Division of the Office of Student Affairs. Yet if the seal is missed or damaged due to long use, the Head of the group shall apply to Activity Division for redistribution, and pay for the new seal. 
Article 8 
The members of the Groups shall be limited to NTU students. Members shall join a group out of his or her free will and promise to conform to the Guidelines of the group.
Article 9
The Head of the group shall take charge of the group affairs and be responsible to the Assembly, while act as the body of the group when dealing with outside matters.  
Article 10 
The Head of a student government shall be granted with a certificate by the University, while the Head or cadre members of a group shall be granted with a credential of identification upon application. If the Head of a group cannot exert his or her duties for some reasons, reelection shall commence. Yet if that group has stipulated specific regulations for deputyship, such regulations go first. 
Article 11 
The reelection of the Head of a group shall be finished by the end of the semester in which the term of office is due. The reelection period shall be announced by Activity Division.   
Article 12 
A member can only act as the Head for one group. 
Article 13 
Any change to registration items or reelection of a group shall be made registration anew; if not, the subsidy, renting equipment or other administrative support from the University to the group shall be halted. After the reelection and before the re-registration is due, the Activity Division of the Office of Student Affairs shall demand the group to implement the re-registration when the group applies for subsidy, renting equipment or asking for administrative support. 
Article 14 
The Groups may employ crafts experts inside and outside the campus to offer guidance, which shall conform to the purport of the group. The employed experts shall be approved by the Committee, and shall tutor or coach each of the Groups at least once a week. 
Article 15
This set of regulations shall be promulgated and enforced after being passed by the Student Counseling Committee; the same procedures shall be undergone for future’s revisions.   

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