1. NTU Orientation Camp:

The Orientation Camp this year is going to give out the best wishes for NTU freshmen! The prizes include Apple notebooks, mobile phones, wireless earbuds, bicycles and other great prizes. One must be fully participated in the Camp to be qualified for the lottery.

2. Opening Convocation Ceremony:

Opening Convocation Ceremony: The opening convocation ceremony of the school will be held on Sunday afternoon, 1 st of September, 2019. Freshman who have fully participated in the opening convocation ceremony and administrative service promotion, also wearing the limited edition T-shirt are qualified for the lottery. The prizes includes Apple notebooks, wireless combo keyboard & mouse, wireless earbuds, and other great prizes. Your participation is highly appreciated.


  1. According to the provisions of Article 14 (8) of the Income Tax Law, when the value of the winning prize exceeds 1,000 dollars, the annual tax return shall be included in the personal income, and the winners shall sign the receipt as the income report.
  2. When the value of the winning prize is more than 20,000 dollars, according to the law, 10% of the tax is required. (For foreigners, please sign the English name, passport number and nationality. You have to receive the price with your passport and residence permit and pay for 20% tax). Please approach to NTU Student Activities division before 10 th of September noon for paying the tax. Winner will be awarded the prize only after the payment.
  3. According to the tax law, if a foreigner stays in Taiwan for less than 183 days, regardless of the value of the prize, 20% of the tax will be withheld. Winner will be awarded the prize only after the payment.
  4. NTU Student Activities division reserves the right to modify the rules of the sweepstakes.