1) Amount Payable

a) Camp Fee: NTD 650 (insurance, meals and miscellaneous fees are included)

b) Economically disadvantaged students, including:

i) Students, who are eligible for the tuition and miscellaneous fee exemption ,
including: mid/low-income households, students who are physically
challenged or whose parents are physically challenged, students come from
family with special needs, and indigenous students.

ii) Students who are ineligible for the tuition and miscellaneous fee exemption,
yet getting the financial aid offered by Ministry of Education.

iii) Students who come from different education systems, and those who lacks
opportunity to access to college (e.g. Students whose parents and
grandparents did not attend college, Taiwanese new immigrants, and NTU
HOPE Program students etc.)

iv) Other underprivileged minorities defined by NTU.

v) Students mentioned above can claim NTD 650 from NTU Student Activities
division for the subsidy (No later than one month after the Camp). For details:

2) Registration and Payment

All participants have to register via the Internet. Please register directly at the website,
complete the registration form, print the payment bill and make payment. The organizer will
also take the initiative to call the freshman to ask the willingness of participating in the
Orientation Camp and give assistance in the registration progress. We will check about your
meal preference and cloth size etc. while the registration progress.
Registration link: https://forms.gle/krors5bGfZd2KLe37
After the registration, please print the payment slip from the website and make payment. The
deadline of the payment is the day before enrollment day.

3) Online payment system operating steps

After successful registration, print the payment slip from online payment system
(http://mis.cc.ntu.edu.tw/fee/), and keep your payment receipt properly and submit it on
enrollment day.
Step-by-step instructions as below:

a) Check the website of the payment system (http://mis.cc.ntu.edu.tw/fee/), please
choose account number: 961667 Office of Student Affairs (NTU Orientation Camp)

b) Payment ID: student ID number

c) Click  "Check Out Payment Notices"

d) Click the right "Payment Account Number " to pay

e) Click "The Button Prints Payment Slip "

f) Print the payment slip, and choose any of the method following to pay:
(NOTICE: There will be additional fee charges for some payment method.)

i) pay at the convenience store: 7-11, Family Mart, OK, Hi-Life

ii) pay by ATM transfer

iii) pay in person in Hua Nan Bank

iv) bank transfer
● It takes about one week for the payment received process. Therefore, you can just
submit your payment receipt when you enroll even if it shows that you haven't paid.